It is not easy for me to write about my own art, since it is not wholly rational in nature; whereas written text needs order and sense, for it to be rational.

My art comes from a deep need within me. It is both a daily struggle and a true pleasure. I paint to have an aim and to feel fulfilled. It is as such an inner game, where at once I’m the player and the one judging. I’m at a race with these life experiences, an aim of finding sense within it all, and that is what moves me and gets me going. I put out a vast array of colors that intermeld into a mysterious dance, on the backdrop of endless emptiness. These forms are powerful, wild and threatening though never intending harm, they are like an encounter with a mountain range. Like prime elements - they are essential in their forms and impersonal. They bear an uneasiness that comes with respect of something that is greater. Yet this description of wild and raw energy, is immanently atavistic in itself and therefore it is ultimately human in its nature. It’s clear embodied energy, clothed in color and structure. It outgrows a person, while at once deciding on his nature. Being human in nature is at the same time belonging to the nature of our world.

And out of this comes the name Apeiron for the title of my series. Wikipedia clarifies “Apeiron is the central point of cosmological theory that began with Anaksimander, a pre-socratic philosopher from Greece, who lived in the 6th century BC, though unfortunately the major portion of his works have not survived to our present day. From several extant fragments we can learn that he regarded the beginning or essence of our reality (arche) to be eternal and unabating, likewise without boundaries, not giving in to aging or any kind of fault, being unceasingly the source of all we can perceive. Apeiron brings into relief many polarities such as hot and cold, dry and wet, and so forth, which created the birth of our earth from the cosmos. Everything that comes forthwith of Apeiron, is to be decimated back into original Apeiron”

My art comes out of this very struggle, that finds itself between these polarized ideals. Order and chaos, spontaneity and order, richness and destitution, movement and idleness, brilliance and bleakness, calmness and feverishness, intensiveness and peacefulness, randomness and precision, one gesture versus many, flatness and dimensionality, balance against asymmetry, and beginning and the end. So as to capture this balance, at times I need to reflect over my painting a long while until I grasp the intended gesture, or color, or textural quality, which complements the rest. Since my ultimate aim is harmony, I seek an art which attains the kind of completion which is so challenging to define and describe within human reason. It’s a state of satisfaction in being in harmony with a perfection that keeps spontaneity and control all within reach of each other. It is at once awareness and unawareness wherein the basic and prime difficulty remains the attainment of balance in this dynamic, in order to tangibly behold that which is fullness. My art wants to confront the viewer with his essential nature and identity, whilst at the same time being something that overwhelms his very core and self, harking back to the origins of life and birth, which is all at once brutal, absolute, beautiful and perfect.